This gun does not appear in the AWM records of allocation of war trophies. The only certainty is that it was captured in Palestine. There is a myth that the gun was the one captured at Semakh after the night charge of the 11th Light Horse 22 Sep 1918 - this is demonstrably incorrect since the 11th Light Horse Regt unit history notes the gun captured at Semakh as serial #2064 - this was a 105mm howitzer, allocated to Toowoomba and now lost.

Displayed at Shorncliff until 1953, then at New Farm. The trail was cut off to transport the gun but never reunuited with the gun. Placed in storage in a fairly destroyed condition until given to 2/14th Light Horse Regiment in 1984. Restored and placed near the 2/14th Light Horse Museum at Enoggera. The reconstruction is not accurate.

Krupp M03 1
Image - New Farm Park Playground circa 1965 - Michael Coockerill