"We Need a Lift" - Wayne Murray

Aufklarungspanzer 38t diorama "We need a lift" 1/35 Dragon model. A small group of German stragglers are after a lift from an Aufklarungspanzer 38t.
This small diorama features Dragon’s kit built Out of the Box with the exception of the tracks which are WWII Productions resin tracks. It was base coated with Model Master Dunkelgelb and Tamiya Olive Green and Red Brown camouflage over sprays.
The figures are from Dragon’s German Infantry Battle of the Hedgerows which suited the theme of the diorama. The figure riding the 38t is from Tamiya. They were built Out of the Box with just some Gen 2 equipment upgrades, and the were painted using Humbrol enamels.
The diorama’s ground work was built up using coloured tile grout over a foam block with static grass and Hudson and Allen forest litter for ground cover. The trees are from Woodlands Scenics.

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