M1A1 Abrams (Desert Storm 1991) - Ian Cousens

1/35 Tamiya kit with Legends M1 tank stowage, Verlinden US tank crew set Iraq, Archer resin weld beads, Archer box stencils and Karaya tow cables. Stowage racks were scratchbuilt from plastic strip, wire for aerials and leftover PE for the tow cable hangers

The model was painted with Tamiya and Vallejo acrylics with Tamiya lacquers for the green base. The "hairspray" technique was used to emulate scratches and worn surfaces. Weatering was done with Mig Productions Pigments and Oils with various custom oil based paint washes.

M1A1 1 M1A1 2 M1A1 3 M1A1 4 M1A1 5 M1A1 6 M1A1 7 M1A1 8