Egyptian T-122 SPG - Darryl Slight

1/72nd scale Goffy resin conversion on Revell T-34 hull. Also used an Armo metal barrel. Added details including scratchbuilt front and rear guards, new engine mesh section, lights, fuel tanks and mounts, all stowage and resin T-54/55 road wheels. Painted with Life Colour, weathered with chalk pastels and Life colour dust 2. Represents an Egyptian army T-122 towards the end of its career on the lower Egyptian borders. These vehicles were made as an interim solution in the late 1970s until enough modern SPG's could be supplied.

T.122 SPG 1 T.122 SPG 2 T.122 SPG 3 T.122 SPG 4 T.122 SPG 5 T.122 SPG 6