Schneider CA1 - David Scorer

1/35th resin Commanders Series Schneider CA1. The model kit has features enabling either a late or early vehicle to be built, I wanted to go with a late cammo scheme so built it as such. The kit had some issues re quality of casting, but nothing that couldn’t be overcome with a little use of thinned tamiya putty ie: rivets that weren’t properly formed. There were a couple of smaller parts that I had to remake because it was easier to remake them rather than to straighten the resin parts.. but that’s an ongoing issue relevant to any resin kit I guess and shouldn&rsuqo;t deter anyone from obtaining this kit. I’ve read mixed comments regarding Commanders Series over simplification of suspension components and have to jump in and say that this isn’t the case here, I found the kit supplied parts suitably complex and provided enough out of the box to produce a good representation of the real vehicle. I used nothing more than scrap plastic and items from my spares box to stow the vehicle (I’m quite happy with the way the wicker baskets turned out). keen eyed observers will notice some irregularities between the built images and the final images, I just didn’t like the look of the tools and bucket on the rear of the vehicle, so I left them off, likewise the pully arrangement for the signalling board was replaced with a more accurate version prior to painting, and finally, after the last photos were taken, I took a drill to the lamp and fitted an MV lens. Originally I had intended to use three figures, wonderful new resin figures sourced from MasterClub in Russia, but the balance just didn’t look right so one got deleted. All painting was done using tamiya acrylic paints and then various oils were used as washes and filters. No pigments have been used on either the model, figures or base, I wanted to avoid them and see if I could achieve a dusty worn look using paint effects only.

Schneider CA1 1 Schneider CA1 2 Schneider CA1 3 Schneider CA1 4 Schneider CA1 5 Schneider CA1 6 Schneider CA1 7 Schneider CA1 8