"Bulgarian tanks for sale" - Dave Scorer

The back story of this diorama is the recovery by the Bulgarian Army in 2008 of stripped WW2 German tanks installed as frontier defences on the Bulgarian/Turkish border. The hulls and turrets were recovered after the aborted sale of one of the vehicles by a Bulgarian Army officer. Dave has based his diorama on one of the recovered hulls which consisted of a Panzer IV Ausf H hull and turret with a ZIS-3 gun possibly from an SU-76.
The hull and upper turret came from a Tamiya kit, the lower turret half, and traverse gear came from a Dragon kit. The Maquette SU-76 kit supplied the gun. The hull was base coated with Humbrol 113 rust, Tamiya XF-71 Cockpit Green was applied over Marmite stippling before applying weathering with Vallejo paints. The diorama base was constructed from styrene foam covered with plaster with application of sand and earth as a top coat. Vegetation was secured with diluted white glue.

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