M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo - Andy Reid

1/35 Tasca Sherman Jumbo base kit with extensive modifications.
Resin & Brass
- Aber 30 cal brass jacket and barrel.
- Aber tie downs and chains
- Eduard and Royal Model Sherman etch sets.
- Jordi Rubio barrel.
- Formation resin pioneer tools and resin /wire antenna and base.
- Verlinden resin ammunition boxes.
- Academy tracks from M4A2 Marine Sherman
- Alpine, Verlinden and Werner figures
Hull Alterations
- Four bolts added to each bogie.
- Drainage holes drilled into fuel cp surrounds and turret protector.
- Hull 30 cal replaced with Abers.
- Latches for driver's and codriver's hatches added from Eduard etch set.
- Abre's etched chain added to fuel caps.
- Four Aber tie downs added to rack on the rear of the hull.
Turret Alterations
- Jordi Rubio 76mm barrel replaced the kit 75mm.
- Casting details from Archer's surface details set No.7

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