M3A4 Medium Tank- Adam Cretier

I built this model more or less for free, just using plastic card and various parts I already had in my spares box. The forward hull and turret come from the old Tamiya kit, with the shape of the turret corrected with epoxy putty. The Tamiya kit also supplied the rivets used on the scratchbuilt areas. The suspension bogies, drive sprockets, idler wheels and transmission housing came from Dragon Sherman kits. I cast the road wheels using modified Tamiya and AFV Club parts for the master. The 75mm gun is a Formations resin part, the 37mm gun is from Jordi Rubio and the .30cal MG barrels are Collector’s Brass. The tracks are AFV Club and the cloth band around the turret (denoting which army the unit was assigned to on excersise) was made from epoxy putty. The model depicts a tank from the 68th Armored Regt, 6th Armored Div on excersise at Camp Polk, Louisiana during September 1942.

M3A4 1 M3A4 2 M3A4 3 M3A4 4 M3A4 5 M3A4 6 M3A4 7 M3A4 8 M3A4 9 M3A4 10