M3 Medium Tank - Adam Cretier

This is the old Tamiya kit. Profile of the turret corrected by building up the edge with Milliput and finishing it with a less rounded shape. Rear hull, along with the air cleaners and other details, and transmission housing from the Tamiya M4 Sherman kit. Vision flaps on the hull were enlarged with new ones scratchbuilt from plastic card. Bogie wheels replaced with spares from a Dragon Firefly kit. 37mm gun is a Jordi Rubio item. 75mm gun had a counter-weight added which came from the AFV Club Achilles kit, modified slightly. Academy tools. Scratchbuilt straps and brackets from fuse wire, aluminium foil and Coke-can aluminium. Tow cable was made from twisted fuse wire with AFV Club hooks. Grille on the engine was made from Aber PE brass mesh with plastic strip details. Various other details were made from plastic card, plastic rod, wire and Coke-can aluminium. AFV Club tracks were used. The driver is a Tamiya figure, while the commander is from the Dragon U.S. Tank Crew Set. Figures, including their insignia, were painted with enamels. Model airbrushed in Tamiya, Humbrol and Testors enamels. Markings were made using masks. The Blue Drab serial numbers came from the Archer sheet. Weathering was done with a wash, dry-brushing and Mig Pigments. Model depicts a vehicle of the 67th Armored Regiment, 1st Armored Division, Tunisia, December 1942.

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