The AMMS 1st Annual 'Out Of The Box' Competition

With the large number of new kits released over the past few years the numbers of 'older' kits owned by members that were lanquishing at the back of their kit stashes has had a tendancy to grow. In the hope that some of these lost treasures may yet see the light of day as completed models, this year our club executive and judging team decided to hold a special competition at our December 2008 meeting. The theme of this competition was build any Tamiya Military vehicle or figure Model that was from moulds produced in 1980 or earlier. The rules were further expanded that it had to be built strictly out of the box, with the only modifications being those specifically recorded in the instruction sheet, i.e. 'add aerials from stretched sprue', etc. The filling of see through sponsons, closing engine deck grills, and sealing up vision slots were frowned upon!

The judging was strictly by the entrants peers and each member at the meeting voted for their 3 favourites in order. The kits were judged on overall appearance and basic modelling skills. accuracy and the following pics showcase what application of sound painting and finishing skills can do to what are commonly referred to as kits "well past their use by date". The competion proved very popular with with club members with around 1/3 of the number of AMMS members entering a model.

1st - Scott Sheppard
Quad Gun Tractor, Limber and 25 Pounder Gun

2nd - Dominic Newland
Churchill Crocodile

3rd - Craig Stratton
Jagdpanzer IV

Overview of entries - the prizes awarded are at the back of the table

M16 Half-track gun carriage - Ross Allen

Krupp Protze - Ross Allen

Willys Jeep - Murray Smith

SU-85 -

SdKfz 222 - Teresa Bumstead

T34/76 Model 1943 - Phil Bumstead

Jagdpanzer IV - Craig Stratton

M43 Semovente - Shane Black

SdKfz 232 - Paul Wallace

Quad Gun Tractor, Limber and 25 Pounder Gun - Scott Sheppard

Churchill Crocodile - Dominic Newland

SAS Land Rover - Dan Moore

M3A2 Half-track - Kerry Ponting

Type 1 Ho-Ni - Graham McNamara

KV-1 - David Scorer

Kettenrad - Dominic Newland

Images by Peter Battle