2011 Pre-2000 'Out Of The Box' Competition

The kits were required to have a pre-2000 date on the sprues. The judging was strictly by the entrants peers and each member at the meeting voted for their 3 favourites in order.They were judged on overall appearance, basic modelling skills and accuracy. The following pics showcase what application of sound painting and finishing skills can do to what are commonly referred to as kits "well past their use by date".

1st - Graham McNamara
ZSU 23-4M

2nd - Dan Moore
Kubelwagen (1/35)

3rd - Chris Bond
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

ZSU 23-4M - Graham McNamara

Kubelwagen (1/35) - Dan Moore

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle - Chris Bond

Kubus - Polish Improvised Armoured Car - Dave Scorer

BT-5 - Craig Stratton

Kubelwagen(1/48) - Russell Hall

Type 97 Chi Ha Shinhoto - Unknown

Panther (1/25) - Wayne Murray

Tiger - Dominic Newland

T-72 - Brad Littleboy

M113 - Bruce Hay

T-34 Model 1943 - Bruce Hay

M113 - Bruce Hay

M113 - Bruce Hay

KV-1 - Bruce Hay