AMMS Brisbane 2009 Awards

AFV Modified

First - Andy Reid - Sherman ARV Mk. 1

Runner Up - Jason Miller - ASLAV-25

AFV Out of the Box

First - Graham McNamara - T-34/85

Runner Up - Scott Sheppard - BMD


First - Jamie Degenhardt - Jagdpanzer 38(t)

Runner Up - Paul Wallace - M4A3-76


Dave Scorer - WW1 Traction Engine


Dave Scorer - "Silent Witness"

Theme Competitions

Half Tracks

Darryl Slight - M16 Half-track

Italian Campaign

Peter Battle - SdKfz 138/1

Most Numerous Competition Entries

Shane Black - 6 entries

Best New Talent

Darryl Slight - for his work with Braille scale models

Best Clubman

Simon Bell

Model of the Year

Andy Reid - Sherman ARV Mk. 1

Modeler of the Year

Andy Reid

2009 Model of the Year by Andy Reid - trophy presented by Dominic Newlands (2008 winner)