Tamiya Traction 11CV Staff Car

by Russell Hall

First published in the September 2009 AMMS Brisbane newsletter

Brief History

The Citroen 11CV was a French mid sized passenger car 1st produced in 1934 and was front wheel drive which was an engineering advancement for the time. The car’s performance and versatility were noticed by the military and many were used by the French army. After the invasion of France the German forces seized larger numbers of these vehicles both civilian and French Army versions for there own use. Most were painted overall German Grey but some were also kept in civilian colours. The 11CV served throughout Europe, the Russian front as well as a large number being commandeered in Tunisia for local use in North Africa After the end of the war the 11CV remained in production until 1957 with a total of 750,000 produced, variants included long-wheelbase, convertible as well coupe variants

What’s in the Box?

The kit is very basic, more or less everything on 1 sprue with the body sheet being separate, decals and polycaps for the wheel attachments. The doors were separate and can be posed open if you choose, the kit also included a driver figure, optional depending on which version being built. There are 5 different build/marking options, choices being from German army, French Army, French civilian and the Wehrmacht. I had decided to go with the grey German version and use the figure included


The build was mainly as laid out in the instructions. Suspension components were added to the main floor pan along with the exhaust system and wheels although these were left to the end to be added. From here we move onto the interior, the seats, front bulkhead, dash and steering column and wheel were all added. The front bulkhead also includes the front fenders; this was clamped in position as a precautionary measure when attaching to the main under body

From here we start on the body, the windows and there frames are applied and Tamiya have provided a mask template to do just that for painting. These had to be precise so instead masking tape was applied, burnished to the edges and then carefully cut around. At this stage the driver figure (optional) is added as well as the doors, either open or closed. That is basically it as the only things to add from here are door handles, window wipers, rear license plate, filler cap and the spare wheel cover. Note – passengers exterior door handle and 1 of the boot handles have been purposely omitted.

Painting - Interior

The interior needed to be completed and painted before closing up the model so that is where I started. I had received a picture of an interior via David Scorer so followed the colours as per the picture. Basically Tamiya call out the total interior to be XF55 Deck Tan with a X18 Semi Gloss Black dash. I chose to use XF9 Hull Red for the floor and kick panels, XF55 Deck Tan for the door linings and seats and finally XF64 Red Brown with a semi gloss finish for the dash. The figure was painted with Vallejo 70920 – German Uniform as apposed to XF65 Field Grey.

Details on the uniform were highlighted and creases were enhanced with Tamiya Faded Grey weathering pigment. Some dirty marks and stains were added to the upholstery; at this stage I had no idea as to how much of this would be visible but it is done anyway

Painting - Exterior

As stated earlier, I had decided to go with the German Grey – version "A" as per the instructions so a solid base coat of Tamiya XF63 German Grey was applied, I had chosen to you acrylics to shorten the drying time so was able to get on with some post shading more or less straight away. Some XF69 Nato Black was added to the base colour to create some shadows and generally darken the underside. To lighten panels XF57 Buff was added to base colour in different amounts to create faded panels. Following this 2 coats of Mig Productions "Blue for Panzer Grey" filter were applied, this had the effect of pulling all the shades back together although the discolouration is still evident.

The following steps were then applied in this sequence


Yes this is Tamiya’s latest release and as expected there were no fitment issues at all. My only criticism would be the window wipers as they look too thick and out of scale, I am sure one of the aftermarket suppliers will get onto this. I am even considering building another but in the Wehrmacht paint scheme, Luftwaffe Light Blue over Gloss Black, I have seen pictures of this done and it looks impressive.